Archive of Congresses

On this page you will find information on the international sections of the past congresses.

The last Congress

Due to the Corona pandemic, the 25th German Prevention Congress in September 2020 was held exclusively digitally. A separate Annual International Forum could not be held. The digital congress report, which is also available in English, gives you a good insight into the main topic “Smart Prevention – Prevention in the Digital World”: In the format of an interactive microsite you can move through the opinions and statements of 17 experts from the disciplines Pedagogics, Psychology, Humanities, Computer Science, Criminology and Law. You can find additional material (Links, Articles) also there. For the international audience the videos are provided with English subtitles. To turn the subtitles on, you have to click on the wheel symbol at the bottom right corner of the YouTube video. The language can also be selected there.

You can also watch these parts of the 25. DPT in English translation:
- the opening session
- the panel discussion
- the closing session


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